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Home I Think My Child Has Flu What should a parent with a sick child do?

What should a parent with a sick child do?

Learning swine flu info begins with learning about the flu. A resource has been made available to help answer some questions and concerns many have with both the seasonal flu and swine flu. According to the site – flu.gov – the swine flu was the original virus that only appeared in pigs outside the United States. Since its first appearance, the swine flu combined with a type of avian (bird) flu and a flu in humans to create the human flu version many still refer to as swine flu, but it is more properly called H1N1. Those seeking swine flu info for humans need to find sources on H1N1 instead.

Both parents and children need to know the symptoms of swine flu (H1N1). Parents should be on the lookout for common symptoms of the flu in their child: fever, tiredness, stuffy or runny nose, cough, and vomiting or diarrhea. A child with these symptoms does not necessarily have the swine flu. He might not even have the flu at all, it could be a cold or other infection, but for the parent to be certain, and to get the correct swine flu info for both himself and his child, he should take his child to the doctor the same day that the child first feels sick. The doctor will also help to give the parent the appropriate swine flu info to address any concerns the parent might have and to share the swine flu info with the child.

Immediate treatment to reduce the duration of symptoms is available through the administration of an antiviral medication, but this can only be given within the first two days of symptoms and only by a doctor. Only a blood test can determine if the child has the swine flu or seasonal flu, but both can be treated with antiviral medicines. The child will need to remain at home, away from healthy family members for one week after the doctor's visit, even if he feels better. While he is recovering, the parent can share swine flu info with the child in a calming manner to answer the child's questions without frightening him.

When caring for a sick child, symptoms should begin to subside within three to five days of taking the antiviral medicine. Should symptoms ease, but then return even stronger than before or if the child shows a shortness of breath, bluish or gray skin, or is unresponsive, these warning signs could signal a complication and emergency medical care needs to be immediately given.

When parents know the correct swine flu info, they can be more prepared to spot symptoms and to talk to their children about the disease. The swine flu should not be a cause for fear, but proper care as soon as symptoms are seen will be vital in helping the child to feel better and quickly recover from the flu.


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