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The CDC and swine flu

Every year, beginning in the early autumn, the flu season begins in the United States. This is the time when the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) sends warnings out to the public to get vaccinated against the flu. People need annual flu shots because each year, the type of flu infecting Americans changes. In years past, the flu typically was a form of Type A or Type B, but the fear arising now from the CDC is swine flu becoming the prevalent form of flu.

News reports have shown that for the 2009 flu season, almost all of the flu cases reported have been the swine flu. With the rise in swine flu cases, the need for the development and deployment of a swine flu vaccine has also increased. Recommendations from the CDC for swine flu shots is that they first be given to health care workers and people who could suffer life threatening complications if they get the flu. Pregnant women, those with chronic health problems, and the very young are considered at the highest risk.

To keep abreast of regional outbreaks of infections, weekly reports of the spread of the flu virus are made available on weather sites, such as Weather.com. Some of the news outlets which once offered statistics for seasonal flu now have interactive maps for swine flu on their websites. The information for these maps comes from the CDC. Swine flu numbers of cases and deaths are mapped out on color coded maps. This allows the public to see how prevalent the swine flu (H1N1 flu) is in their area. A regional flu tracker can even be downloaded for a smart phone for instant access to this vital information.

More information about the H1N1 flu pandemic can be found at the CDC swine flu website. This site provides the public with the latest breaking news from the Centers for Disease Control about the flu. The useful tools on the site also give tips on prevention methods, care tips for those with flu symptoms: fever, headache, muscle aches, and cough, and all of the information about the shots needed for both seasonal and swine flu.

Following the CDC swine flu recommendations for prevention and care will help the American people to prevent the swine flu epidemic from becoming as deadly as the Spanish flu of 1918 which killed millions of people around the globe. The CDC stands on the front lines of the battle against a pandemic flu. As they work to get the most effective vaccines and treatment options to the public, the CDC will also provide invaluable information. This news will prevent fear in America in the face of the looming swine flu (H1N1 flu) pandemic.

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