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A Fatal Flu

Is the swine flu dangerous?

All types of flu are dangerous. Annual flu outbreaks result in thousands of deaths each year. The new H1N1 flu is no different. Swine flu deaths were one of the first means by which health care officials realized that there was a problem with a new strain of flu virus. People who only have mild flu symptoms, often do no go to the physician for treatment and diagnosis, but when infected with a more serious strain, such as the swine flu, people flock to their doctors to get checked. Blood tests revealed that many of these people were suffering from a previously unknown strain of flu. This flu has continued to sicken an cause the deaths of thousands since it was first noted in April 2009.

Are there any swine flu deaths?

Just five months after the H1N1 flu April 2009 discovery, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that there were over 3,200 swine flu deaths. These mainly occurred in North and South America, which accounted for over 2,100 of the swine flu deaths.

The rate of infection and deaths also appeared to be increasing: in the last two weeks of the study, over 1,000 people perished from the H1N1 pandemic flu virus. Over three-fourths of the flu cases reported during that time period later turned out to be the H1N1 flu pandemic strain.

How can I find out where swine flu deaths have occurred?

Using a flu tracker is one way to determine where the majority of swine flu deaths have occurred, but the question is which one to use? State by state maps showing the rates of infection and deaths from the H1N1 (swine) flu can be helpful for those who simply want a general idea of area cases of swine flu, but for world travelers and those who need to see the exact city locations of world wide incidences of flu cases and deaths, there are global health trackers available. Portable versions of these can also be downloaded on an iPhone.

How do I protect my family?

Protection is the best defense against becoming infected and being put at risk for becoming one of the many swine flu deaths. A swine flu vaccine is recommended for anyone who is at high risk of complications: pregnant women, young people, and those with chronic medical conditions or compromised immune systems. Another shot for protection against the seasonal flu is also recommended since the risks for becoming gravely ill are shared by both the seasonal and swine (H1N1) flu viruses.

For those unable to get a flu vaccine, avoiding others who are sick, getting plenty of rest during the flu season, and frequent hand washing are the best means to reduce the chances of becoming another of the thousands of swine flu deaths.

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